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Plant Based Wholefood

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better. “

Courtenay-8Eating plant based really did change my whole life. A vegan diet improved my attitude towards food, my health and that of my family, and gave me the energy I needed for my busy life as a Mum of 4. I started this hobby when I officially transitioned to Plant Based.  I genuinely want to share great recipes to help other people make the transition as well. I love animals and I care for the environment, and that’s my drive here on this platform.  My Instagram is home to where you can find lots of simple, delicious and healthy recipes for an energetic life powered by plants alone. I’m a working mum of 4, so I do not have time for recipes that don’t work, you need hard to find ingredients for, or hours in the kitchen. Everything I make is simple and wholesome. After my second daughter was born I trained at Le Cordon Bleu in the Patisserie Program. I learnt so much in that year, however I felt that I could never look at a pastry the same again! White flour, white sugar, butter and salt are not the kind of food I want to be eating everyday. Intuitively and after years of research I feel that Plant Based eating is the best diet for myself and family, maybe you feel the same. If you’re curious I suggest you look into the whys and how to’s. I wont do that here. Thats not my niche. I’d rather entice you to the other side with a gooey, delicious and secretly nutrient packed vegan chocolate brownie. On my page you’ll find yummy family friendly recipes for a high energy, healthy and kind life. Read on…

You can find 900 plus recipes on Whole Vegan Pantry, come say hi


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