Whole Vegan Pantry

Raw Vegan Brownies with Raw Avo Icing


The best thing about making these little morsels of heaven is that they are also full up of nutrients. They are bursting with healthy fats for brain development and brain function, antioxidants to fight disease, iron for oxygenation of the body and energy, protein for cell repair and growth.

1 cup pecans, ground in food processor

1 cup dates, chopped well

4 tbs shredded coconut

5 tbs raw cacao powder

2 tsp vanilla extract

2 tbs pure maple syrup

1 tbs pure maple syryp

1 tbs coconut oil

Raw Avo Icing

1 large avocado

3 tbs raw cacao powder

3 tbs pure maple syrup

1 tsp vanilla extract

In your food processor blend dates and ground pecans. Add all other ingredients until the mixture is well mixed and sticky. In a 20 cm brownie or cake tin lined with baking paper,
spread and flatten down the mixture. Refrigerate for a least 1 hour. Remove from the tin and prepare the icing.

Raw Avocado Icing

Blend all ingredients until smooth and there is no trace of any avocado lumps. Spread over brownie and slice carefully with a sharp knife. Decorate with fresh berries, chopped nuts or shredded coconut.

*maple syrup is not totally classified at 100% raw. I choose to use it instead of other sweeteners in raw food recipes because it has the best glycemic index.


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