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“Change happens through movement, and movement heals” Joseph Pilates

My 20s ran me into the ground. I over-trained. I thought I had to. I was so attached to the need to mindlessly work myself to the bone, dependent on it. I was unhappy and unhealthy. I knew that this wouldn’t last. I knew that as I got older this would need to change. I was right, but it was much sooner than I thought. In my early 30s, my body was riddled with injury. After much searching I returned to Yoga and Pilates. With this my body began to heal. I started to feel balanced. In tune. I became strong and injury free. It was a powerful transformation. And I was hooked. I gained a new respect for my body. I then completed trainings in Yoga and Pilates. I teach at Body Mind Life Bondi Beach and Potts Point. Contact me for private classes.

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